Travel Clinic

We always recommend that you make an appointment with our Practice Nurse at least 8 weeks before you travel abroad. At this appointment, she will be able to provide you with important and up to date travel health advice, check your immunisation status and provide you with any necessary vaccinations and/or boosters for the country you are visiting. The earlier you receive your vaccinations, the greater the immunity level you will have against the respective diseases.

Unfortunately, not all travel vaccinations are available on the NHS and we have to make a charge to the patient for the cost and administration of these vaccinations. Please see the attached list of travel vaccinations that are not available on the NHS and their respective fee.

IMPORTANT : To assist our Practice Nurse before she administers the vaccination to you, please could print off the attached questionnaire/ patient consent form and answer the questions regarding your travel destination and bring it with you to your appointment. Please do not sign the form until the Practice Nurse has given you travel health advice, explained to you about the vaccinations you will need and you have consented to receiving the respective vaccinations.